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You may have seen Daisy on your television screens as a competitor in the 2019 Survivor season and again in Survivor: All Stars.  What I love most about MBM is the women I get to connect with - Daisy is incredibly generous with her time and her support. She truly backs what she belives.
Daisy is one hell of a tough, resilient woman and exactly what I consider as #NaturallyDaring. Here she shares what makes her tick...


1. How would you best describe what and who you currently are?

To sum it up in one word it would be 'changing'.

I have always struggled to embrace change, growing up in boarding school there was always 'one best way' given to us, and I am a massive routine-head.

I now am consciously thinking about other ways to think, move & feel. It's very liberating! It is also very empowering when you have the little lightbulb moments of 'hey, I could do this differently & it might be better'.

My core values though will never change, if anything I can feel them becoming a greater force now more than ever.

I am strong, I am resilient, I am unapologetic & I am wild.

2. Are you reading or listening to anything at the moment?

Yes! I love a good Podcast. My favourite currently is the Women's Health Uninterrupted Podcast. They have a really eclectic group of women on to speak about their life experiences.

The two that have resonated with me the most so far are the Samantha Wills episode, with her speaking about her fork in the road moment in her career. The second being the Sharni Layton episode, she speaks very openly about her mental health journey, it's very corageous.

I also like to listen to healing frequencies. I pick my track depending on what I would like to achieve or focus on that day.

3. How would you describe you have got to this point in your life and career?

I like to live by the mantra that everything is either a blessing or a lesson, & sometimes, both.

I have never had 'one clear path' of how I thought things were going to go for me. I have certainly been thrown a few big curveballs, being diagnosed with Endometriosis probably being my biggest to date.

One thing I did know was that as soon as I decided I wanted to be on Australian Survivor, nothing & no one was going to stop me.

I trained my butt off for both seasons & practised meditation to prepare mentally which in hindsight, I should have put even more work into.

I wasn't in a great spot in my life when I went out for Season 4, so I was already carrying a lot of baggage which made it tricky to deal with whilst also playing the game of master manipulation.

Once you're on the beaches, you really are fending for yourself.

In hindsight, it's been so reflective & humbling to watch back, knowing everything and that I have still persevered, and will continue to do so!

4. Has there been one person instrumental to your growth and success? How did they impact you?

I wouldn't say one. My Mum has been a great support to me over the years. I was also lucky enough to grow up on the family cattle station with my Nana & Grandfather living 100 metres from me, so they have also had a massive influence. All 3 people have been bred tough, and have really instilled a 'pick yourself up and get on with it' attitude within me.

5. What would you be doing if you weren't on your current path?

I honestly have no idea! Maybe living somewhere overseas. I like the idea of really being off the grid for a time, so maybe somewhere remote.

6. Do you have a routine or habit that you practise that allows you to do what you do?

Moving my body every single day is a non-negotiable for me. I am a hard and fast workout kind of girl, get in, get it out & get it done.

My weekends are a little bit slower paced, whether that be a walk or a swim, I like to be outdoors. Exercise is a real mental outlet for me, it keeps me sane & levelled.

7. What has been your biggest or best failure and what did you take from it?

I prefer to call them 'lessons' rather than 'failures'.

There was a time where I would fall over myself to help people that I later realised the hard way, wouldn't do the same for me when I needed it most.

I used to be in the mindset that I 'wasted my time', now I think of it more as a lesson learnt.

8. What's your personal quirk or point of difference that has helped you to excel in your field?

My wild nature. I used to apologise and feel anxious about being the loudest & craziest in the room.

Now I realise that without being those things, I wouldn't have had the opportunities I have had with Survivor. It's what makes me uniquely me and stand out from the rest.

9. What's the worst piece of advice you've been given and why was it so awful/useful?

'Maybe you'll get lucky'.

I don't believe in luck, you are the driver of your own destiny and what you want to achieve.

If you don't like your situation, change it. There is always another path and another way forward. We are not trees, stuck in one place. We can move and adapt to get different outcomes.

10. How do you define a #NaturallyDaring woman?

Someone willing to step out of their bubble, and to become comfortable with their uncomfortable.

She speaks up, reaches out & uplifts those around her.


You can follow Daisy's adventures here. 

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