#NaturallyDaring FABIENNE COSTA

#NaturallyDaring FABIENNE COSTA
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YCL Jewels is no small jewellery label - featured in Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire to name just a few, stocked with all the big online retailers, worn by Australian babes such as Steph Claire Smith & Elise Cook and founded in Queensland by self-taught jeweller and Creative Director Fabienne Costa. 

In 2019 MBM featured in a flawless YCL campaign and there's no feeling like supporting women in Australian business, Fabienne fits that #NaturallyDaring mold...


1. How would you best describe what and who you currently are?

I am a woman constantly striving to live a purposeful & meaningful life.


2. Are you reading or listening to anything at the moment?

I just finished reading 'Three Women' by Lisa Taddeo (which was amazing) & you will find Casefile & Goop podcasts on repeat.


3. How would you describe you have got to this point in your life and career?

Undying & unwavering belief in myself & my capabilities. As well as a whole lot of resilience because the road isn't an easy one but she's worth it!


4. Has there been one person instrumental to your growth and success? How did they impact you?

Not one, but many. Over the duration of my life so far I have had women enter life & some leave, yet all have left a lasting impact on me as a person.


5. What would you be doing if you weren't on your current path?

I would (hope to) be a Forensic Investigator.


6. Do you have a routine or habit that you practise that allows you to do what you do?

Daily meditation, natural walks, affirmation practices & fuelling my body with healthy & wholesome foods are non-negotiable daily rituals.


7. What has been your biggest or best failure and what did you take from it?

I love to fall down because I learn how to rise & walk again. Back 6 & a half years ago when I started YCL I quit my high-paying & secure job as a nurse which put huge financial stress on me for many years. It taught me that it is so important not to have a 'back up plan', but to have stability whilst you are trying to pursue your vision & dreams.


8. What's your personal quirk or point of difference that has helped you to excel in your field?

I am comfortable being me & honouring exactly what I want my life to look like, not what society or social media tells me it should look like.


9. What's the worst piece of advice you've been given and why was it so awful/useful?

"You cannot be a designer because you can't draw". Well, 6 & a half years on I still can't draw but it has never stopped me!


10. How do you define a #NaturallyDaring woman?

A woman whom is fully in her essence & embraces the light & shadow parts of herself.


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