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You may have seen Eve Special on your TV screens, heard her DJ at the latest VOGUE event or underground fashion show or perhaps you've had the pleasure of sweating it out on a spin bike with her at Shelter - Double Bay. 

Eve is the coolest IT girl of Sydney and has been beyond gracious and supportive of me and my MBM journey. Eve is certainly a #NaturallyDaring woman and below are some of the learnings and insights of her journey so far...



1. How would you best describe what and who you currently are?

I am a model, I DJ and I teach spin… but more accurately; i get to play dress-up and transform into characters, curate atmospheres and vibes and facilitate better moods and energy levels


2. Are you reading or listening to anything at the moment?

I’m reading “The Great Work Of Your Life” by Stephen Cope - it’s a book on dharma and discovering your true calling and path. It’s kind of vital reading for the modern woman on a journey to finding their authentic & unique purpose. I’m listening to rap: Denzel Curry, Pusha T & slowthai. And the new album from Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell!


3. How would you describe you have got to this point in your life and career?

Really, pursuing one thing organically led to another path opening up each time … it all started when I was 20 and chasing my dream of becoming a dancer. I was living in Sydney and auditioned for Disneyland Tokyo, where I performed for a year. In Tokyo I was encouraged to try modeling and upon landing back in Sydney I walked into Vivien’s. This was 10 years ago and I am still with them to this day. A short while later I was sent back to Tokyo on a modeling contract. I fell in love with going out to clubs and dancing and the Tokyo nightlife scene. Having stopped my dance training I craved an outlet for my musical side... every time I went to a venue I developed more of a hunger to learn how to DJ. Returning to Sydney again I taught myself to mix. A month or two later I signed a contract to model in Hong Kong, where my DJ career kicked off. The next four years I cut my teeth DJing amazing events, clubs and festivals all around Asia… which led me to LA where I signed with Ford models. That’s where I really got hooked on spin or “rhythm riding”, at studios like Cycle House and Soul Cycle. After 4 years in LA I returned to Sydney in 2017… but by that point I was feeling a really depleted and lost for direction. So I immersed myself in working out to rebuild my physical and mental strength, while getting certified in fitness and training up as a spin instructor. Since being back in Sydney these past 2 years my DJing picked up here as did my modeling... so the three areas of my work are living harmoniously for the time being, but we’ll see what the future holds!


4. Has there been one person instrumental to your growth and success? How did they impact you?

It’s a bit controversial, but I have an ex who’s voice is still in my head in terms of teaching me valuable lessons on interacting with people. He was a fantastic influence and coached me on the importance of building good relationships with people and instilled the value of not only doing good work but being good to work with. When that relationship ended I grew so much on a personal level from a messy breakup, but I had also gained so much valuable intel from him during our relationship so I can only be grateful for where it’s led me to now. Today, my partner is again my biggest advocate. His love and encouragement is astounding and that’s given me so much confidence. Over the past year he’s stood by me while I rebuilt my foundations and found my voice… he’s supported my goals in a way that i’m so excited for what’s ahead. So i guess I gotta give a shoutout to my lovers! Past and present :)


5. What would you be doing if you weren't on your current path?

I’d probably have found a way to be driving nice cars for a living, like a luxury car reviewer or precision driver or youtube automotive influencer (is that a thing? i really want that to be a thing) cause that would be LIT


6. Do you have a routine or habit that you practise that allows you to do what you do?

I meditate regularly… but you’ve heard that line before! So my favorite and sworn by habit is getting quality sleep. My sleep routine is NO JOKE I do not play around with sleep! If i don’t get enough rest my moods, cognitive function, muscle recovery and skin suffer, so I can’t afford to not be rested. I get 8-10 hours every night. I drink a glass of almond milk before bed. I have bedtime alerts, sleep tracking apps, deep sleep apps. Lavender oils by the bed. Silk sleep masks, earplugs and satin jammies. The WHOLE enchilada. Weekly I also do icebaths… I do 5 minute rounds with hot/cold therapy using a sauna. It’s excellent for mental clarity, muscle recovery and boosting your immune system.


7. What has been your biggest or best failure and what did you take from it?

My biggest failure was in Los Angeles, it was a period over 3 years where I stopped listening to my gut and instead conformed to what I thought I was “supposed” to be doing. I was deeply unhappy, lonely and not looking after myself, I had successfully created a “false self” and was living behind the guise of the Eve Speciall Model/DJ brand, I had completely sidelined my true self. Let me tell you, it catches up with you. The first sign was how sick I got. Amongst other illnesses I was diagnosed with psoriasis and risked the end of my modeling career when my skin flared up badly all over my body. My body was literally rebelling against the choices I was making but I didn’t read the signs. You could see the stress and discord manifested all over my skin. I was also dating people who were not worth my time or energy because I desperately wanted to be loved, but I didn’t love myself at all. It all came crashing down when my modeling contract ended, my visa was cancelled, I ran out of money and my boyfriend left me for his ex. I had to leave LA and rebuild my self and my life again in Sydney. My biggest lesson from that experience was to slow down. Breathe. Let things fall silent. Then listen to my gut. Not to waste time on pursuits or people that do not align with my true self and my goals. No more comparing to others and their journey as I’m on my own path and will do things in my time. I needed everything to fall away, I needed to lose all the bullshit to realize it wasn’t serving me anymore and I was enough, without the cool job titles, convertible cars and boyfriends, as just Eve.


8. What's your personal quirk or point of difference that has helped you to excel in your field?

I’ve had my heightened sensitivity and thrown back at me in a negative way “you’re too sensitive!” I remember hearing as a kid. But now i’m really grateful for it because I have a super keen sense of perception, which is really helpful in reading a room for DJing and training people at spin. Sometimes I feel like my emotions are always sitting right under the surface which means I’ll be in tears at the drop of a hat (I cried three times watching a drag racing show called HyperDrive. THREE) but I think that empathy lends itself to being aware of other people’s vulnerabilities and well as easily accessible emoting for modeling work. I’ve stopped apologizing for my sensitivity because I think it’s made me better at my jobs.


9. What's the worst piece of advice you've been given and why was it so awful/useful?

Yes! You should totally dye your hair acid green. You won't regret it.


10. How do you define a #NaturallyDaring woman?

Someone who takes the risk to be themselves and commit to their own path, even it it makes other people uncomfortable. Even if it's unorthodox. A full commitment to following one's own unique calling and committing to that 100%, whatever that may be. Someone who dares show themselves self-love, especially when the chips are down.


Book a bike at Eves next spin or yoga class here.

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