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#NaturallyDaring MEGGIE PALMER
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I first laid eyes on Meggie as she presented to hundreds of women at last years VOGUE Codes, launching PepTalkHer the app to assist women in tracking their achievements in order to better negotiate their salaries - to close the wage gap. 

That afternoon I sent her an email, effectively fan mail, about how incredible I thought she was and if there was anyway I could get involved, or really just be her friend.

Meggie is based in NYC so I've been following her travels around the globe as she promotes PTH and I can't think of a more appropriate interview to kick off the MBM #NaturallyDaring Interview series with... 


1. How would you best describe what and who you currently are?

So I’m the founder of PepTalkHer - a tech company on a mission to close the gender pay gap. The PeptalkHer App is free to download for Apple and Android - think of it as a fit bit for your career. We’re all about reminding you how awesome you are!

The App prompts you to reflect on you success & how you add value at work. You input your data in and with one press of a button, we'll email you a dossier of your achievements so you can advocate and negotiate for your worth. We use the nudge theory to shift mindset over time by creating a positive feedback loop to help grow confidence & negotiation skills.

I built it out of frustration! I had a poor experience in the workplace where my pay and conditions where treated differently to male colleagues. That's what sent me on this journey in the first instance. I am driven by a hate of injustice and feel compelled to create a solution to help others who may, sadly, experience something similar in their life.


2. Are you reading or listening to anything at the moment?

One of my favorite books that I read over Christmas is Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez - it’s FASCINATING. I’m in the middle of Carrie Gracie’s EQUAL book and have just seen that Julia Gillard is working on a book with Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweal, on Women and Leadership so super exited to devour that as well.


3. How would you describe you have got to this point in your life and career?

I spent 15 years working globally as a reporter for SBS Dateline, Channel 7, the BBC World & others reporting & producing current affairs. I’ve interviewed the likes of people from Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Julia Gillard and thousands of people in between!

When I was a journalist, I started a side hustle media training business - Sliding Door Media. That was ticking along on weekends and at night making a bit of money. And then while working as a journalist, I became increasingly frustrated seeing my friends and colleagues being screwed over on pay and promotions.

I got into journalism to change the world - but I think increasingly tech can have more impact. When I realized closing the gender pay gap set my heart and soul on fire, I grew the media business so I could afford to leave journalism, pay the bills and explore this idea I had. That business funded me to work on PepTalkHer as a side hustle and then I’ve been doing it full time for just under a year now.

We recently launched our App with Vogue - it’s free! Always love to hear feedback!


4. Has there been one person instrumental to your growth and success? How did they impact you?

I've been influenced by mentors I've had throughout my life. My first boss was a serious blessing. She took me into her office after a year of my journalism cadetship and hinted (VERY HEAVILY) that I "really really realllllyy should be asking for a raise!” She was the reason I knew that you had to ask, not every boss is as nice as her to point that out!
I have had friends and colleagues and frankly random people I've met along this journey who have been so kind and supportive with their feedback, network and advice. All of them influence and inspire me on a daily basis!


5. What would you be doing if you weren't on your current path?

Ha! I can’t imagine doing anything else! But I think maybe I would still be a journalist, focusing on women and social justice.


6. Do you have a routine or habit that you practise that allows you to do what you do?

I have a daily gratitude practise which is also helpful, that’s probably been the single most valuable thing I’ve started doing. My coach was the one who made me start the day with 3 things I’m grateful for. To be honest, to start with I thought it was a bit woo woo and a waste of time but it’s been remarkable in helping me transform my mindset and the way I see the world.
I try and cook a meal at least once a week to totally switch off, I do pilates when I can and love to FaceTime with my little nephews, which always makes me feel much more relaxed! Getting out of the city to the beach or the hills helps clear my mind too.


7. What has been your biggest or best failure and what did you take from it?

I pride myself on being a people person. However hard conversations are not something I have typically run toward. I've realized that recently. I had an area of conflict at a prior job with a colleague. I thought I handled it well, however, it led to a bigger escalation. Clearly, I had failed. I cried, I blamed & eventually realized it was MY problem of my making.
Owning your stuff ups is crucial. Having tough conversations that lead to positive outcomes has been an area of growth for me recently & a personal growth priority.


8. What's your personal quirk or point of difference that has helped you to excel in your field?

I think I am a great confidence creator. I can see potential in people they can’t see in themselves. That’s a big part of what we do - help supercharge the success of professional women by empowering them to know their value and worth.


9. What's the worst piece of advice you've been given and why was it so awful/useful?

When you start a business everyone has an opinion! Some of them are great and some of them are shocking. Ultimately you have to have a clear vision and take steps every day to head in that direction.
The one piece of advice that I’d say applies to anyone is build a support crew. Having a group of friends, cheerleaders, colleagues and mentors around has been crucial for me. They seem to text encouragement at the perfect time, have sponsored me to be invited into rooms and meetings I wouldn’t otherwise have had access to and are just the best cheer squad I could ask for!


10. How do you define a #NaturallyDaring woman?

I love the idea of being naturally daring! For me, that’s a woman who loves the skin she’s in no matter the chatter, judgement or expectations of the world around her. Life goals! My mum is pretty good at this I reckon, she’s taught me a lot.


You can download the Pep Talk Her app here.

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