Year of the Woman in Small Business

Year of the Woman in Small Business
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Happy New Year! 

What a ride the last year has been for all of us it seems. Before diving into the whirlwind of 2020 I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. For every garment purchase, Instagram like and regram, blog post comment and chat between friends - the success of Marlo by Marlo in 2019 would have been nothing without you.

2020 is looking like an even bigger year - if we’re not pushing ourselves to reach higher goals then are we constantly evolving? I think I saw a coffee mug with that ‘inspirational quote’ on it the other day. 

#BOSSBABE has become an ever increasing term that's used for women hustling hard in business. And although the media and hollywood like to pin women against each other and allude to the fact that we don’t want to see each other succeed I am delighted to say that my experience as a young woman in small business has been nothing short of life changing. I have been met by such incredible support and love from other women I am convinced that this idea is a load of BS. There will always be people we don’t get along with, and those that don’t want you to succeed but I don’t bother giving them any brain space in the first place. 

Lately social media has been getting a bad wrap for creating screen addicted zombies that don’t know how to hold a conversation with a real life human being unless its purely in emojis. Delightfully - I have found Instagram to be a place of incredible support. Receiving messages from women around the world that are supportive, inspiring and continue to push me to do more. No one supports you like an Instagram friend - so much so that my #1 fans aren’t my childhood friends, they’re the mum with 3 kids in regional NSW that loves watching my journey from a far or the young stylist in training that completed her business degree with flying colours at her parents request and still decided that fashion was for her. If I can inspire other women to drive change and do their own thing - with or without a MBM purchase then my mission is being fulfilled. 

It’s disappointing when people are ‘surprised’ at women empowering women. This should be the status quo rather than a shocking piece of news. Why wouldn’t we lift each other up? Why wouldn’t I introduce you to a friend in the industry? Why wouldn’t I provide a network, a name, an opportunity when I am no worse off for it? And perhaps, similar to #randomactsofkindness that empowerment will spread more empowerment and encourage more women to share resources, support and kind words.

With the #MeToo movement enters more female empowerment - and with that women are turning to tailored suits to feel and look powerful. The women's suiting movement is not slowing down - it’s here to stay; and why wouldn’t it be when a black tailored suit will be forever stylish? A linen two piece will always be globally appropriate and a cream silk tuxedo is as flawless as a wedding dress with the option to actually wear it again. 

So 2020 is going to look a little more tailored, with all the classics that you love ready to order and made just for you. First orders of the year open 5th Jan so if you’ve been thinking about investing in a quality made garment and supporting women in small business perhaps this is your time!

I hope that this new year offers lots of hard work followed by new opportunities, generous networks and a push (if that’s what you need) to dive into that thing you’ve been sitting on for a while. There is no better time than right now - I look forward to following your journey and watching you succeed. 

M x 


“Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.”― Ginni Rometty

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