Please find below order information about Ready-to-Wear and Made-to-Order MBM garments.


Ready-to-Wear garments are produced in a very small batch per size and colour. That means that when you purchase these items they can be shipped straight from the studio to your door.

For any Ready-to-Wear garments that you purchase on pre-sale this means your garment is being finished at the time that you purchase and will be available to ship in a very short time frame (usually no more than 1 week) - this date will be specified per product.

Made-to-Order garments are produced once a pre-order has been placed, we then make that one garment specifically for you in the desired size and colour. This means that when we're handcrafting your garment each stitch is for you - no one else. 

When you place your Made-to-Order garment, it will usually fall into an order time period which cuts off in cycles so we can produce those pre-ordered garments in one small run. This allows us to keep costs down and only produce what you order! = no wasted product, nothing sitting in warehouses, no sample sales, no land fill.

Ordering both Ready-to-Wear & Made-to-Order garments in the same order:

If you are Domestic based where free shipping is applied you can split your orders between the garments so we can ship your Ready-to-Wear garment straight away whilst we get cutting on your Made-to-Order garment.

If you are Internationally based, you can split your orders and pay the $15 for Int Shipping (if purchase is under $300) or you can bundle your order and sit tight until your whole order is complete.


If you make a bumble and need something shipped out faster - please just let us know and we will do everything we can to get it to you quicker.

If you have any questions about the dates and production of your garment please feel free to reach out via email - I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have about your order. 

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