Marlo grover Founder of Marlo by MarloMeet Marlo 

I'm Marlo, the Founder & Designer of MBM (Marlo by Marlo) and this is the story so far...

I was a ballerina with a communications degree and growing up I would design & create my own outfits. I'm self taught and entrepreneurial at heart; sampling each garment in my collection myself from design, pattern to production. In 2018 I started sharing my designs on my social media channels and soon enough women from around the world were ordering my hand made garments. I was sewing around the clock and quickly developed a global audience for my designs - in November 2018 I left my senior agency role, dived into the deep end and launched MBM from my Sydney apartment.

More than just a brand, MBM is a vehicle for conversation. It's about creating a community of women that share that zest for chasing your dreams and making them a reality. They are #NaturallyDaring women who understand the pride and the challenge of what it is to be a woman. These clothes are designed to empower them on their way to greatness.

Made in Australia

Since its inception, MBM has been designed, patterned, cut, sewn and posted from Sydney, Australia. Attaching an ‘Australian Made’ label to each garment is something I take great pride in; I fully support our local industries and I do that by working alongside a production team based in Sydney.

Making in Australia means I have direct access to my team of makers and can see exactly where and how the garments are being produced - keeping a close eye on quality control. It also allows me to get designs to my customer much faster - eliminating the overseas handling & shipping process.

I take the time to work with Sydney design graduates to grow and pattern each Release to develop their skills and gain exposure to the fashion industry which can sometimes be a challenge to break in to.

All fibres used in each MBM release are sourced via Australian ‘rag traders’ who support makers overseas - as the business continues to grow I strive to work closely with fibre factories to ensure we are using organic/sustainable fibres in safe working environments. 


Our Part

90% of the MBM collections are made-to-order. As an industry we cannot strive to be sustainable if we continue to overproduce.

I love that MBM customers understand and appreciate the artistry that goes into making each MBM garment as it is required. Your short wait means you're getting a garment that has been made just for you! 

MBM heroes natural fibres (mainly linen) which has a long life span and can decompose at the end of its life. This means your garment can be worn year after year prolonging its lifespan and minimising the purchase of additional garments. It also means you have the opportunity to up cycle your garment in the future or pass it on so it can last generations.

My #slowfashion approach to business means we (you & I) minimise waste of materials, transportation, production of fibres and ensures quality, handcrafted Australian made clothing that will empower you to live your best life.



Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, it's the new normal and in doing ‘our part’ I ensure that your garments are delivered in the most sustainable way possible. 

I use recycled paper and cardboard, produced here in Australia for your personalised thank you cards and garment swing tags. I hand wrap your MBM garment in recyclable, acid free tissue paper using sustainably harvested wood pulp and printed using soy ink made here in Australia and seal it with a recycled paper sticker.

It's then boxed or bagged in a recyclable box made with recycled materials or in a fully biodegradable and compostable Australian produced satchel that doubles as a mailbag so your garment can arrive safely to its destination.

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